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Our firm aims to be a modern, innovative and dynamic with undeniable development prospects in the field of strategic consulting services and technical assistance to institutions, authorities, organizations and companies. The integration of Optimum Consulting in an international network of providers delivering quality personalized service is an additional asset. Optimum, aware of the realities, challenges and prospects, applies to imagine, advise, implement, monitor and evaluate its partners, the solutions for their performance and radiation.


The prospects for growth and development in Africa and to Africa are reported to be well above the global average over the next 50 years or beyond. Local organizations, businesses and external partners are faced, to a greater extent, to a set of challenges that require the intervention of external looks, sharp and soft skills and innovative tools. Optimum Consulting is positioned as informant, facilitator and operator for the economic, social and sustainable human.


We advise you in the development and operational implementation of your policy collection, processing and analysis of information. Through a range of information, resources and tools to adjust your strategic choices, we accelerate your operations and your dopons entrepreneurial performance. We participate with you to the right information for decision makers, we help you to protect your interests, grow your influence to stabilize the environment your business and secure your investment.



The Good, the Better, Best, the optimum Optimum is the combination of knowledge, analysis, information, the most modern and effective tools and technologies, serving the performance of your organization. We develop solutions to the measurement of your ambitions.

Our values









Our service

Lobbying Institutional, and Commercial Intelligence

    • Developing appropriate lobbying strategies in your decision-making or commercial stakes
    • Strategic Plans and Operational Information, Communication and Development
    • Assistance Board in monitoring regulatory and legislative processes
    • Implementation of strategies for influence: information, consultation, negotiation and securing

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Economic intelligence

  • Design and development of strategic information systems, regulatory and commercial
  • Transversal analysis of regulatory and legislative frameworks and implementation perspective solutions
  • Sectoral studies: competitive analysis, positioning audit and / or image, trends
  • Maps of territories, organizations, decision-making circuits and actors

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Public affairs

  • Prospective studies, strategic, international, political, economic and social
  • Board Governance Institutional Policy and Local
  • Installation, Management and Evaluation Policies, Programs and Public Projects
  • Facilitating contacts between organizations, the Communities, the Corporate & State

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Mediation Business

  • Strategies-State Promotion of Foreign Direct Investment and Trade
  • Commissioning of Investor Relations, Facilitating Access to Markets, Trading and Industrial Purchasing
  • Services Optimization and Companies; Organizations (Formalities, Legal Assistance, Tax, Consulting organization, Social Management, Logistics)

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Strategic communication

  • Optimizing your Institutional Relations and Image Management Online & amp; offline
  • Political information services, economic, commercial, financial and social
  • Analysis and Coordination Council of institutional campaigns, political and public
  • Design and organization of strategic operations, event or networking

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8 projects
28 Customers worldwide
26 employees
9 partners



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